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I don’t know ifyou have considered such a question, how is the frosted glass you see in dailylife made?


The so-calledfrosted glass is also called “frosted glass” in many places, becausethe surface is very rough, so it will show a hazy translucent effect.


This kind offrosted glass is actually processed from ordinary glass. It is generally usedin more private environments such as conference rooms and bathrooms. Inaddition to protecting privacy visually, it can also be further processed toplay a sound insulation effect (soundproof glass). Mostly made of frostedglass).


The traditional way of processing frosted glass


Having said that,you can answer the first question, what is the traditional process of makingfrosted glass?


First of all, itneeds to be clear that frosted glass is to make the flat surface of ordinaryglass uneven, so that the light is scattered or diffused.


The most commonway of traditionally processing frosted glass is to use “corundum”for grinding, which can be mechanically sprayed or hand-ground, and in thisway, the entire glass can be processed.


Disadvantages of traditional processing methods


However, thisprocessing method has many disadvantages. Here we can list the more commonproblems one by one:


1. The processingarea is limited.

The arealimitation mentioned here is not that it is not easy to process large areas,but on the contrary, it is that some delicate small-area processing cannot bedone in traditional ways.


2. The processingfineness is not easy to control.

 Since the processing of frosted glass isground with “corundum”, the processing skills of each master have agreat influence on the final product. If the grinding is not uniform, the finalproduct will not be uniform enough.


3. Cost ofconsumables and poor processing environment.

The most expensiveconsumables for processing frosted glass are emery and nozzles. These nozzlesare made of ceramics, but they cannot withstand the ejection of emery. Iflarge-scale processing requires frequent replacement of consumables. Inaddition, when processing frosted glass, the whole processing environment willbe very harsh due to the corundum and dust in the sky, and workers need to takevery strict protective measures.



The above pointsare only part of the drawbacks of traditional processing of frosted glass. Itis precisely because of these shortcomings that people start to look for newways to replace them. RFH laser is a moremodern, environmentally friendly and efficient way.


To machine frosted glass with a laser:


Now that we knowthat to turn ordinary glass into frosted glass, the fundamental purpose is toroughen the surface of the glass, which can be easily done with a laser.


Frosted glass canbe easily made with RFH’s newest S9 series UV lasers,with great advantages.


1. Non-contact processing method, very environmentallyfriendly


Laser processingcan minimize excess dust and purify the working environment, which is veryenvironmentally friendly.


2. The machining accuracy is controllable


RFH S9 series UVlasers have very high beam quality (M²<1.2), and the heat affected areaduring processing is very small, making the processing fineness of glass trulycontrollable.


3. The advantages of processing fine products areobvious


When using the RFHS9 series UV laser forprocessing, the processing accuracy can be maintained at ±0.02mm, and even veryfine items can be perfectly processed for frosted glass.



4. Small size and low maintenance cost


Since the RFH S9series UV laser is the latest product, it is smaller in volume control thansimilar products, which also means that users do not need to make a largeoptical path, which can greatly reduce the cost, and the later maintenance isalso very simple.


5. Fully digital display, can communicate withcomputer


In order to ensurethe needs of modern processing, digitization is the general trend, RFH S9 series UV lasershave realized full digital display, and the parameters can be preciselyadjusted through the computer, which meets the needs of modern processing.


The team of professors at home and abroad carefullycrafted the S9 UV laserto easily make frosted glass


The above are someof the advantages of RFH laser processing. On this basis, RFH laser has adedicated power control system independently developed, and a strong team ofprofessors at home and abroad as technical support, with strong technicalstrength.

After years oftechnical accumulation, RFH laser has achieved today’s achievements. Theaccumulation of independent technology and a strong technical team are thesolid backing and the foundation for the stable operation of RFH laser.




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